Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shooting at night

Some night shots from in and around Vancouver, and during the Symphony Of Fire.

Tales from the Caribbean

Took these while on vacation cruising in the Caribbean with Holland America. Canon 20d, 1DmkII, and SD800

Snowboarding, skiing and mountain photography

Pictures from the mountains, part... three?

Big cloudy sky photos

Love a great cloudy sky! These were done on different days, but what the heck, are close enough to put in the same post. The first two are downtown Vancouver, the third is Kelowna.

Snow in Vancouver

Snow in Vancouver is rare, but when it happens it always makes for some interesting photo opportunities. Shot handheld on my Canon 1D, with a very snow covered 28-125mm IS lens, ISO 1600-3200.

Photos for

Some product photos I did for a company called Elegent Cookies who makes custom cookies in Vancouver.

Canon 1D mkII, Canon 28-135mm IS

Road trip photos!

I took a week long solo road trip down to San Diego to visit a friend of mine. Here are some of the photos from it, almost all were shot out the window of my car as I drove.

Canon 1D mkII, Sigma 12-24mm, Canon 28-135mm IS, and Canon SD800

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

London Calling - Photography in the U.K.

I went to London last fall for a bit of adventure. I expected to have time to tour all of England, but there was so much to see in London alone that we stayed there the whole trip.

Photos are: Canon 20d + Sigma 12-24mm or Canon 28-135mm IS

Pictures of Eagles

Shooting eagles in Squamish, British Columbia requires several things:

1) Long lenses.
2) Lost of light or faster lenses than I can afford.
3) A big cushion to sit on, as your butt gets cold and sore sitting on rocks for 4 hours.

The following were shot with a Canon 1D MkII + Sigma 50-500 + 2x extender at 1600-3200ISO due to low light.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Martial Arts Tournament

Some of my favorite shots from the Tiger Balm International Martial Arts Tournament.

Canon 1D MkII - 28-135mm IS lens

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Skiing & Snowboarding photography

Shooting up at Big White again, this time for a private group.
Camera is Canon 20d, lens is 28-135mm IS

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To The Arctic And Back

A few years ago I took a gig filming a documentary on diamond mining in the far north Canadian arctic. It was a fantastic trip and the film received much praise. The story of the trip has been reprinted in numerous places, but I'll point you to my friends at as that version includes photos.

"We squeezed into a classic DeHavilland Turbo Beaver ski plane from a bygone era of aviation, and took off for the great white north. It was close to a two hour flight, and the terrain changed drastically, from forest and frozen lakes in Yellowknife, to absolute barren frozen tundra, with the only signs of man being oversized trucking roads plowed through frozen lakes. Landing in a ski plane on a frozen lake covered in snowdrifts in gusting wind was unlike anything else I’ve landed. It was more like racing a speedboat over crashing ocean surf. One second you are on the ground, the next back up in the air, the next plowing through snow, the next bouncing back up in the air. It really was more like a controlled crash than a landing. Still any one that you can walk away from…"

Read the rest here:

And for fun, a few photos:

Big White Photos Sessions

Spent the last week at Big White shooting landscape prints. Thought I would share a few choice stills. The shoot went very well, despite my press pass getting screwed up and not being able to get access to the lifts until they opened to the public. Still, it got sorted out. The sun didn't start to cooperate until the last couple days of the shoot and I squeezed off the following. The last one is me. Canon 1D mkII - Sigma 12-24mm, and Canon SD800 for the last one.